Party Place Profiles..

When my youngest turned three we were looking for an intimate, comfy place to have her 3rd birthday. We basically wanted her to be able to play with her cousins without us having to clean up at home. Enter Umbrella Tree. This little spot is so cute and the Little Cooks birthday party was perfect […]

What’s For Din..

Dinner. It is always a question, right? A good portion of my brain power is used on trying to answer the question of what I am going to make for dinner. First, I have to plan what I want to make for the week. Then, I have to actually shop. Finally, I have to actually cook […]

Sesame Noodles. Enjo..

So, all year we have been struggling with lunch. L she doesn’t like very much. This means I have been trying new stuff and most of these trials have end up with me throwing away food at the end of the day. But….this one actually worked. What is even better is that you can eat […]

We Only Buy gifts at..

If you happen to invite one of my kids to your kid’s birthday party, the gift will come from one of three stores. And while I do happen to love the selection each of these stores have, it isn’t why I shop there. In actuality I spend more shopping at these stores then I would […]

Party Place Profiles..

You know when you come across a company that just makes you smile? That is how I feel about The Makery. My daughter recently went to the birthday party of one of her bff’s and it was being done by The Makery. She came home having made the cutest little paper flowers that now sit on my […]

3 Things We are Lovi..

1. Drink Lid by iLIDS I’m obsessed with mason jars. How can you not be? Tell me you don’t like mason jars and I might not ever like you again. Slightly kidding, but…seriously. mason jars are practical, simple but elegant, useful, economical…should I go on? So, of course when I saw these cute and practical mason […]

How I Got My Kids to..

My kids eat salad. And not just eat it because I don’t let them get up from the table or have a treat until they do. They actually eat it on their own without any begging. That makes me a proud mama. Now, it wasn’t always like this. I worked hard for the my-kids-eat-salad-and-ask-for-seconds badge. […]

Our Tips for Traveli..

Last summer, we were on our way to the airport for a quick trip down to California, when my oldest daughter asked, “Mommy how many times have I been on a plane?” So, we counted. In her short 5 years of life we counted that she had been on a plane 10 different times. She has been to California […]

A Mac & Cheesy ..

pasta. cheese. These are a few of my favorite things. So, it is pretty obvious that when you put them together into Mac & Cheese goodness, I’m pretty much helplessly in love. I started making this particular recipe when I was probably about 12 years old. The recipe came from a kids Better Crocker cookbook that I […]